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The Private Equity Phenomenon and the Fall of the IPO: An Interview with Bob Woosley

After beginning his professional service career at Price Waterhouse, Bob became the first professional employee of Frazier & Deeter, a nationally ranked CPA and advisory firm, shortly after the company was founded in 1981. In 1985, Bob became a partner and over the next 18 years he served the firm as head of the Audit and Strategic Consulting services departments. In 2000 Bob founded iLumen, Inc., the CPA profession’s leading business intelligence and analytical platform that today is used by leading CPA firms and financial institutions across the country. Bob served as CEO of iLumen through 2010 and is currently an active board member and advisor to the company. In 2011, Bob returned to Frazier & Deeter where he served as the leader of the firm’s entrepreneurial consulting practice and directs the firm’s strategic growth initiatives on both a national and local level. He is now the firm’s national practice leader in private equity.

Key Takeaways:

  • The private equity market in the Southeast has accelerated in recent years, with a lot of money chasing a limited number of quality deals.
  • A good deal of private equity firms are eager to invest in traditional, family-owned manufacturing and distribution companies.
  • Attention is shifting toward growth equity, which is more about making a minority investment in a company and betting on the existing management team.
  • The technology industry is driven more by revenue than the traditional Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA)-based valuation model.
  • The Southeast is a great place to do business because of its business-friendly environment and growing entrepreneurial infrastructure.

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No Geographic Barriers for Middle Market Companies in Florida: An Interview with Glenn Oken

Glenn Oken is a managing director at Mangrove Equity Partners in Tampa, FL, where he focuses on originating deal opportunities and qualifying acquisition candidates. Glenn has been a private equity investor focusing on the lower middle market for 27 years and has completed 129 transactions across 57 different niche industries.

Key takeaways:

  • For lower middle market companies in Florida, there are no longer geographic barriers. Money is willing to travel.
  • However, capital for startup companies may more commonly find seed funding through local angel groups and investors. Once they prove their business model they tend to attract interest from local investors, or from the start-up focused areas of the country.
  • Face-to-face meetings are essential in M&A deals. While numbers are important, relationships are key. In-person meetings give both sides an opportunity to assess the character of a potential partner.
  • As equity partners seek out lower middle-market companies, they look for those whose products or services are essential, non-cyclical and non-commoditized. Often, this ends up being companies with some measure of engineering content, customization, or technical capability who offer mission-critical products or services.
  • Thanks to the strength of the manufacturing and industrial services sector, the South may be one of the best regions for investors focused on those industry categories.
  • The M&A market has not yet seen a sudden mass exit by Baby Boomers. Multiple factors, not just age, are involved in an exit decision. Thus, deal volume seems to have followed a natural cycle over the years, rather than a sudden deluge of exiting Baby Boomers.

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First Annual Market Expectations Survey

A look at what investors, business owners and their advisors see in the year ahead for mergers & acquisitions in the South. 

Presented here are highlights from the first annual Investment Banking South Survey, in which we ask investors, business owners and their advisors to look back to 2014 and forward to 2015 in order to give us a sense of where the merger & acquisition market in the South is today and where it is going.

Conducted in April 2015, this survey was completed by 338 investors, business owners and business advisors – such as attorneys, accountants and bankers – from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

As we note in the first paragraph, this will be an annual survey, with the results of each year building on the previous year, so that we can identify trends and patterns over time that may shed further light on the evolution of the middle market in the South.

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The “Halo Effect:” An Interview with Bruce Doeg

Mr. Doeg chairs Baker Donelson’s Business Department in Nashville, Tenn., which consists of more than 200 attorneys in the Securities, Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, International, Real Estate, Intellectual Property and Tax Groups in 21 offices across the South.

Key Takeaways:

  • Capital is available for companies in the South with strong assets and steady cash flows – especially startups and early stage businesses.
  • Increased capital flowing into startups and early stage companies creates a halo effect that is leading to more capital for middle market companies, as well.
  • Most money is coming from money centers outside the South, as well as across the globe. Foreign investors, in particular, are looking beyond the coasts for better opportunities in other parts of the U.S., especially the South.
  • Southern cities doing especially well at attracting capital include Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans.
  • There are a lot of people with money on the sidelines who would like to get involved in equity investments, but they don’t have the experience, time or enough capital to be the lead investor. Need to provide a way for them to get in deals.

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