Why We’re Here

IB South grew out of our mission at FourBridges Capital: to be the champion of Southeastern business owners as they prepare for important transactions, like buying or selling a company, borrowing, or raising capital.

There are a lot of ways to define what an investment banker does. For us, it’s simple: we act as the interface between a company and the capital markets. Our job is to help owner-entrepreneurs get the best available terms for capital because we believe that’s a core part of economic development—whether you’re an entrepreneur starting from scratch, or a third-generation business owner counting down the days until retirement.

Each of our partners has operated in the middle market for years. During that time, we’ve observed a growing need among business owners—and their professional advisors—to understand investment banking activity in this space that we share.

That’s where IB South comes in. It’s your source for on-the-ground information about middle market activity in the South. Every blog post features an interview with an expert in some aspect of investment banking: private equity, institutional capital, debt, buyout/succession, legal, accounting, government regulations, public/private partnerships–and beyond.

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