Government & Economic Incentives: An Interview with Stewart McMichael

Based in Tennessee, Stewart is an expert and consultant on government and economic incentives. Having worked as an engineer, Wall Street tax attorney, fund manager and business owner, Stewart has a unique perspective on how small and mid-market businesses can maximize the use of incentives to help reach their goals. Currently, Stewart is working with FourBridges Capital Advisors to advise businesses on how to best integrate traditional forms of financing with all forms of incentives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Incentives (offered by federal, state, city and county governments, and some utilities) are readily available and can be highly effective. However, in many cases, they are underutilized.
  • With respect to any business within its taxing jurisdiction, the government effectively acts as a passive partner with a financial interest in the net profits of the business. Through this partnership, the government offers incentives as a way to foster the growth and prosperity of the business, reducing costs or providing it access to cheaper capital, property, infrastructure and job support.
  • In the Southeast, just at state and local levels, billions of dollars of incentives are offered each year to businesses of all sizes across most industries. Incentives can play a vital role in a business’s capital structure and should be considered as an alternative or complement to other types of capital.

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